PROMOTION SUNDAY - September 1st

Kids and students are moving up!

Entering 9th graders move to High School in the Manor

Entering 6th graders move to Middle School in the Storm Cellar

Entering 4th grade students will head to their new program, Thrive (4th & 5th grade)

Entering 1st graders will head upstairs into the 1st-3rd Lighthouse program.

Downtown Zoo (Preschool) moves to their next class:

Giraffes move to Lions class (Entering Kindergarten)

Monkeys move to Giraffe class (4 years by 9/1 - entering kindergarten NEXT Fall 2020)

Pandas move to Monkey class (3 years by 9/1)

Ducklings who turn 2 by 10/1 move to Panda class