Weekly Missions Update


John & Barb Whitehouse

CRU/Bridges International

This past year, I (Barb) have been a part of a group of Bridges International staff studying about Islam and Muslims to better equip us to build bridges with Muslims to share the gospel with them more effectively. The culmination of this course was a ministry trip to a Muslim country to be immersed in the culture to solidify what we learned. Twelve of us went to Egypt from June 11 until June 22. We did some touring, but our main purpose was to interact with Muslims alongside the Egyptian Cru staff. Egyptians flock to the malls and beaches in the evenings when it’s cooler, so we also went to befriend Muslim students. Because we were Americans, they were eager to chat with us. Often we were stopped to have selfies taken! By the end of our time our team had 75 spiritual conversations and 31 gospel conversations!

This past year I have focused on developing a “Talk Time” similar to the one at Edmonds Community College. Every Thursday night, students come for dinner, conversation and games. About 20-30 students and over 10 volunteers from Snohomish Community Church and other churches attend regularly. Some of these volunteers are now on their own developing relationships with students. Recently, a few volunteers took six international students to SCC’s “Meet and Skeet” where they had a great time learning to shoot, eating a meal and hearing the gospel. Another couple took three students to Lake Chelan for a weekend and had a meaningful time connecting with them.

In January, John retired from CRU but is still helping out with my ministry with international students at Everett Community College. He has enjoyed getting together with some of the student guys as well as helping out at Talk Time.

Prayer requests:

  1. For more volunteers to help out with Talk Time
  2. A Bible study for student leaders starting in the fall
  3. A Bible study volunteers will be leading for seeking students

We are so grateful for your partnership!

John & Barb