Weekly Missions Update


Jim & Bev VanMersbergen
Awana Missionaries

Dear Friends at Alderwood,
With another Awana season coming to a close for the summer, we can’t help but stop and ponder just how many times the gospel was shared over these last nine months. Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.” The message of the gospel is powerful and life-changing. This is the vision that bridges all age groups in Awana, from preschool through high school:

  1. To establish the foundation of each child’s faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. To guide each child into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. To encourage students to know and live in their identity with Jesus Christ.
  4. To challenge students to develop a faith of their own in Jesus Christ.

Kids love coming to Awana! For some, Awana provides a place where kids can get away from difficult circumstances at home. They enjoy a safe haven and a sense of belonging; they receive loving care and attention from leaders, healthy friendships, and fellowship. All kids receive consistent discipleship, biblical teaching to guide them in their choices and help them know how to make biblical decisions for their lives. And there are some who are hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Awana connects and engages kids who do not normally go to any church. What opportunities!
THANK YOU - Your prayers and support are making a difference. Your financial gifts make it possible for us to equip leaders to reach the kids and make a difference in their communities. Your support has an eternal impact in the lives of children and youth. God is working and you are part of this moment in God’s unfolding story. THANK YOU for giving. You are such a wonderful blessing to us; we are deeply grateful and amazed at God’s awesome faithfulness and goodness.
To Him be all praise and glory!

Jim & Bev

Prayer Focus

  • Praise God for the Sparkie who received Christ as Savior at Awana last week.
  • Praise God for the T&T boy who was saved and asked to be baptized at their Awards night.
  • Praise God for Awana leaders who serve the Lord faithfully each week, each year.
  • Praise God for His faithful provision and answers to prayer.
  • Pray that more churches will begin the ministry of Awana so more kids and families can be reached.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in the tasks we have been given.
  • Pray for boldness to proclaim the message of hope to those around us and to stand strong and courageous in this godless culture.