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John began his missionary career in 1974 with Campus Crusade in the military ministry then three years later moved into the campus ministry. Barb began in 1977 in campus ministry. They moved to Tokyo in 1987. After returning to the states in 1990, they continued to evangelize and disciple Japanese and other international students living in North America. They were involved at Alderwood for 10 years teaching Sunday School and working with the college ministry. In 2006, John and Barb moved to Florida to work with The Jesus Film Project.
Through The JESUS Film Ministry (media tools, equipment, strategy & funding); they help Campus Crusade and other Christian leaders in East & Central Asian countries (Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, two classified countries, “the ‘stan countries”  plus Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and one other classified country) evangelize their people, make disciples, and plant churches.

In 2017, the Whitehouses returned to Washington...Barb is now working with International students at Everett Community College.  She is starting a Talk Time in their home in April, and volunteers from Snohomish Community Church will be helping her to reach out to the students.


A few years after we returned from Japan (1993), John started “Talk Time” in our home so American believers could befriend and be a witness to 700 Japanese international students at a nearby college. It was a great opportunity for international students to meet Americans, get a dinner and practice their English. Often times, it provided believers in the community to share the gospel lovingly with the students. That was a long time ago, but it continues to this day, now led by Dana & Vivian Huff, to their credit, members at ACC.

Now we’ve returned to the Seattle area. And guess what, we’ve started it again!! But this time led by Barb and myself at Everett Community College, close to our home in Marysville.

There are some important things taking place.

  1. It is in a comfortable home situation (our home, every Thursday night); “few ever enter an American home”.
  2. American believers are involved. We are here to give vision; train and connect them, but not do the ministry all by ourselves. That way we can spread the gospel more widely as we cast vision and equip others to do the same.
  3. They are happy and enjoying themselves, both American and international student. We share in the context of love and friendship.
  4. It is structured: free dinner; conversation practice; and a game.

Simple enough. But a powerful concept considering 80% of international students do not have an American friend when they return home. Plus, for the American believer it is a real eye opener. Recently one of the Americans helping said, “This is a good thing you are doing. Through talking with the students I noticed few know anything about Jesus”.

Pray for students to hear about and want to come to TT (especially Muslim students who are harder to get to come). Pray for guidance for the volunteers as they witness & show the love of Christ to these students. Please remember the Huff’s Talk Time too, focused on Edmonds Community College.

Pray for more volunteers for both Talk Times.