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Hannah and I both have a love for working in Africa. I was born and raised in Ethiopia and Hannah always wanted to be. She had to settle for marrying into the bloodline. But seriously, God has burdened both of our hearts for the people in Africa from a young age. I always wanted to work in East Africa because of how and where I was raised. Hannah was born and raised in Michigan, but never remembers a time when she did not want to live in Africa. I returned to the US for University, and then headed straight to Uganda. Hannah has been on several short term Mission trips all over the world. We first met each other while she was in Uganda for three months! After we got married, we got the chance to work together in a remote area of Uganda, the Karamoja region, for one year. You can’t beat that for a first year of marriage!

Hannah and I will be returning to Uganda to work with Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a non-profit Christian organization that provides affordable building designs for other Christ-centered missions using the skills of engineers, architects, surveyors, and construction managers. Founded in 1981, EMI has completed 1200 projects in over 100 countries around the world. In an effort to have more involvement and spiritual discipleship opportunities on the ground with the construction management side of the projects they design, there is a need to set up a metal shop to provide for EMI’s project needs. Hannah and I will be heading to Uganda to help EMI expand their ministry and outreach by discipling Ugandans through the launch of a metal working shop.

There is a huge opportunity to invest in construction/fabrication workers’ lives with the Gospel, as most people simply ignore them. Hannah and I have a desire to work with ‘unreached people’, and too often construction workers fall into that category.

I have attended ACC during school breaks from 2008 through 2012. Hannah and I always look forward to joining the Church Family in worship whenever we are in the Lynnwood area! It is a blessing and encouragement to know that this Church is behind us and the ministry God has placed on our hearts!

 Thank you for your prayers and for partnering with us in our vision!


Good news! We are now a VG-3 team!

Introducing Addis Lee Van Gorkom.
We are calling her ‘Addi’!
Born at 6:37pm on April 8, weighing in the featherweight class at 6lbs 6oz at a whopping 19.5in long!
Because of some complications Addi was born via C-Section. However, both Hannah and Addi are doing well and feeling better every day! Our sleep patterns are all mixed up, and time is flying much faster than we thought it would, but we are so thankful that God has blessed us with this gift from Him.
Please pray we continue to heal and grow close as a family. God uses difficult times to stretch us and expose otherwise well-hidden character flaws… I (Jesse) am speaking for myself.  I thought I was a calm and patient person until having to change the 4th diaper in a row at 3am and the baby pees on me… God is at work in my life for sure.
Along with continued healing, please pray that Addi’s birth certificate and passport can be processed quickly and without undo delay. We are enjoying our time here in the US with family and friends, but are missing our home, work, and Ugandan family.
Thank you for your prayers and support during this time. We appreciate you all even if we don’t have time to contact everyone in person.
Jesse, Hannah & Addi Van Gorkom