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1489 W Melissa Dr.
Flagstaff AZ 86005

Daniel 928.380.8304 | Beth 928.221.1658





Dan is a second generation missionary among the Navajos. He has been with Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos officially for 25 years. He has served as a youth pastor, outreach coordinator, in administration, and with pulpit supply. Currently, he is the General Director of the mission which includes eight churches to oversee, running the mission, and deputation for the mission. Beth joined Dan after getting married in 2006. Beth (Martens) has been a member of Alderwood since middle school days. Their daughter, Danielle, has been a blessing since her arrival in 2009.
The Navajo reservation is the size of West Virginia and has a population of more than 250,000. Over half of the population is 25 and younger. Reaching the young people is very important, and FMN is looking for a youth director to help the churches in this area. The Christmas outreaches are a great opportunity to share the gospel on the reservation. They have up to 20 meetings, reaching 2,500 or more each year. The Navajos come because they know they will get a bag filled with gifts such as toiletries, knit hats, gloves, books, toys, socks, school supplies, clothes, small kitchen items, tools for men, work gloves, household items, and tracks. Gift bag items are collected all year long...many items are needed (for about 4,000 bags a year!). They appreciate all your prayers, support, and items for the Christmas outreaches!


We are so thankful for all of you! Life is full and it's only going to get busier...we are gearing up for Family Camp in June. This is one of our big events and means all hands on deck! It is always so fun to see all the people come together for the week. It’s great to catch up with those we haven’t seen all year. We enjoy seeing the growth of the people through all the classes and teachings that are offered. We pray they take it back to their churches and neighbors and use it for His glory. It may be a lot of work, but it is a very fullfilling week. We appreciate your prayers in this week of ministry (June 10-16).

Dan has been commuting to Grey Mountain Bible Church to teach evangelism classes for two weeks. Soon they will be going door-to-door to share the gospel! This is what it’s all about - getting the Natives to share with the Natives! This is usually where we lose them, so much prayer is needed.

Danielle is finishing up 3rd grade and 4th grade math. We are proud of her for taking that challenge and sticking it out for the year! She continues with gymnastics and piano. Recital time is upon us...we are having one at our home this Saturday. She will also have a week of piano camp this summer, too!

Today was the National Day of Prayer when we gather the missionaries and pastors for prayer, encouragement and fellowship. It’s always nice to gather and catch up, but most of all to pray for one another. We seem to have fewer groups coming out for projects or VBS groups. Pray with us for others to be led to come and serve with us, whether it be short or long term. Every church needs so much time and attention. It seems like we can’t ever get away, but hopefully we will have some time after Family Camp to relax.

We are so thankful for you and especially for your prayers! We really do feel them. There are days when I think "How am I doing this?" It is because others are praying. It’s the only way possible! Thank you so much!!