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Arlene Sorenson was born and raised in a Christian home in Northwest Washington State. She trusted Christ as her Savior at age five. Early in her life she sensed God’s call to serve Him as a missionary. She trained at Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada, and after graduating, she served on staff there for several years.

In December 1987, Arlene began ministry in Thailand with OMF, formerly known as the China Inland Mission, established by J. Hudson Taylor in 1865. Her main ministry in Thailand was church planting which involved Bible teaching, friendship evangelism and the ministry of bring God’s presence into this very Buddhist country. She also taught English and prepared English Bible studies to share the Gospel with students learning English.

In 2014, the Lord led Arlene back to live and serve in the US. She joined the OMF Diaspora Returnee Ministries (DRM) Team. This team works with Asian student, scholars or business people studying or working abroad in 16 countries. Arlene serves the team as Member Care Coordinator to the DRM team serving around the world. This challenging ministry is through writing and sending newsletters to encourage the team, through prayer and phone or Skype calls.

Through life’s challenges and experiences the Lord has faithfully encouraged Arlene through His Word and the family of God. She desires to serve her teammates and walk along the journey of life and ministry with them and to encourage them in the Lord.


Surely God loves Thailand for the world’s attention and prayers have recently been focused on the 13 young lives stranded in the Thai cave. It is amazing to learn that the two British divers found the “thirteen” just as they came to the end of the rope they had carried with them into the cave!

What amazed me most was the sense of peace and absence of panic when the boys were found. People of all religious beliefs “prayed” and now interpret the details of the rescue differently. But some, including one of the British divers, call the entire rescue “a miracle of God!” The Lord was there in the heart of 14-year old Adul Sam-on, a Christian, there on his knees before God. He’s the smiling boy who spoke English with the divers. He was born in Myanmar, but his parents sent him to study in Thailand under the care of a church. Thai Christians report that “Adul loves the Lord and wants to use football for serving God!” Pray for him to be protected and to become a humble leader of the future church in Thailand.

In the middle of the drama the experienced Thai Navy Seal, Saman Gunan, lost his life while placing oxygen tanks along the cave escape route. His sacrifice made it clear to everyone that a successful rescue would require more than human skill. His sacrifice, while trying to save others clearly illustrates the message of the cross. Let’s keep praying that many will come to know Christ through this miracle rescue.

We breathed a sigh of relief as the last man came out, an Australian doctor, who had gone in each day to supervise the boy’s health and this “impossible mission” with invaluable expertise. Then as Thai Navy Seals were trying to retrieve tanks and other equipment the water pumps failed and water rushed back into the cave. We praise God that each man was able to get out safely.

The most skilled experts from around the world converged at the cave and through a miracle of international unity, co-operation, waiting and careful planning, including proper rest for the team of divers each of the young lives was brought out alive. Many prayers and religious rituals were offered but the Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth orchestrated an amazing intervention and rescue. Our world has witnessed the grace of God!