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God has given us a passion to bring His Word to Bibleless people groups in North Africa. In North Africa, the Church is the only thing that is a constant light of hope despite corrupt government and religious persecution. It is humbling that we would be able to partner with this church to bring God’s Word to these people so that they may make disciples and spread God’s word to the rest of their country.


We were recently at Pioneer Bible Translation's yearly Discovery conference. There are people here from all over seeking out what God might have for them in missions. It is exciting! Previously, we were asking you to pray for some of the Bibleless people groups in our region that need Bible translators. One of the groups has only 5 believers in it. Another group isn't even recorded in the Ethnologue as a known language! These groups are asking for the Word of God to be in their language. However, we don't have enough personnel to do it. This conference is where we might an answer to some of those prayers.

We have seen that the harvest is plenty. It is interesting that here, in Luke 10, that Jesus sends out 70 people and then says that the workers are few. This is quite a bit more than the 12 He picked as apostles. It seems like a sizeable chunk of workers, but apparently it is a small number according to the size of the harvest. Jesus says we are to ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers. God is in charge of that harvest. He knows who He is calling in the *Vidilaka people. He knows the Bibleless people who are reaching out. He knows who He is calling to be His instruments in bringing the gospel out to these other Bibleless people groups.

Pray with us that God will direct us to those who can help us with the harvest in North Africa. There is so much to do, and the workers are few.

What happened with the Land Cruiser?

Thank you all for praying for this Land Cruiser, the car we use for getting to the refugee camps. God has been clearly leading each step. We asked you all to pray for how we could import the car before we left for home assignment (furlough). At that time we were thinking that it was going to have to go back to *Mima (our old African home country) and cross the border every couple of months. That wasn't a nice thought since we wouldn't be there to do it and it can be dangerous or unpredictable. All the other options seemed just as crummy. The importation costs that were being quoted to us by the government were astronomical. Therefore, we were praying a lot that God would help us get the Land Cruiser imported before we left for America. Dave called a friend about what a normal cost for importing a vehicle is. You see, there are no set costs. Dave had gone to the same place three times and each time was told a different number. Some of them were as much as $15,000 more than the last number he was told. It was quite confusing to figure out what we were supposed to do and when. When Dave called our friend, the friend said that if we could get the Land Cruiser down to the capital in the next couple days then we could see if we can get it imported for the lowest possible price of $9,000! The Land Cruiser was an 8 hour drive away and we were busy that whole week with other obligations. What could we do? Well, in Africa you call a friend who can call a friend. That is how it is done. A relatively new friend had a friend who was willing to drive down the Land Cruiser for a fee, within the next two days. This all happened within weeks of us leaving for America. We were able to get the car imported, but we still need to raise the $9,000 to cover that expense. Please pray that while in America we can raise that money. We look forward to using this vehicle for reaching out to people in the refugee camp and helping them hear the word of God in their language!

Home Assignment

Home assignment, what does that mean? This is the term we use for our time in America. We view it as a wonderful part of our job that we get to come back and tell you, our supporters, all about what has happened! We have meetings and presentations. We go to churches and to homes. It is often really busy and for all great reasons. We have already been so blessed by all of you who are following the journey, praying for us and supporting us. We are in this together and love to strengthen our partnership!

We recently left the Northwest and spent a week in Dallas, TX. Pioneer Bible Translators had their annual conference there. Our voices are shot because of all the talking we have done to those who are thinking of joining PBT and our North Africa team. Remember those Bibleless people groups that we were praying about? We met singles and families who are asking if God is calling them to go to those people groups!!! A group that has only 5 believers and are asking for the Bible might have someone start heading their way. Please pray for these singles and families as they earnestly seek God. Pray that God would provide for their needs financially and give them affirmation as He leads them.

Another aspect of this time is a time for our family to seek God for how to get the work done. We have identified key people that could help make the work smoother. It is necessary to start praying for those people now!


  1. Pray for 2 more national translators that we can train for work in the Old Testament and New Testament. These people need to be respectful, willing to learn, and it be evident that God has given them an excitement for getting their people God's Word.
  2. Pray for a national worker to help do comprehension checking
  3. Pray for a homeschool teacher for the kids.
  4. Pray that we can find a house with a nice yard, a place for guests, a tree and an honest landlord.
  5. Pray that we can get se up quickly in *Lingokyiyi in the fall.
  6. Pray that God will raise up financial supporters to cover the $700/month we need to raise for the next term.
  7. Pray for *Silas as he continues to work on drafting books in our African hometown.
  8. Pray God to bring in our finances. We need to raise $700/month in support and $17,000 in one time costs for setting up our new house.