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Luke and Kelly are third and second generation missionaries...Luke is the son of Alderwood’s missionary in the Philippines, Greg & LuAnn Lyons. It was through the partnership with Greg Lyons that Luke and Kelly’s eyes were focused on the great need in the Philippines. After being exposed to the extensive ministry, God gave them the burden to leave behind successful careers and dedicate themselves to His work as full-time missionaries.
God has blessed the ministry in the Philippines and has strategically given them opportunities to witness to thousands of young adults through Impact Asia Camps. When you are able to see numbers of this magnitude and to be able to hear story upon story of how God is working in the Philippines, it is impossible not to get excited about what God is doing.


God has been great to us as we move quickly further into 2018. Several great things:

  1. We had a great graduation for Baptist Bible College Asia (BBCA). We saw over 700 receive a certificate and 139 earning a Bachelor's Degree.
  2. From that graduation we made a call to join our team going to Thailand and over 50 BBCA students & alumni immediately stood up, came forward and signed up to serve as missionaries.
  3. One valuable part of our ministry is the development of new pastors along with enriching the personal lives and ministries of each of our Global Surge Pastors. We had 50 pastors come for a time of encouragement, growth, prayer, and some good laughs. Two areas we focused on was a call to holiness and we also spent quite a bit of time developing strategies to become more effective in how we serve as leaders, fathers, and husbands.
  4. I was also able to spend some time in Cambodia working with our local team and missionaries. Time spent in Cambodia is always was great to see how our Global Surge church plants continue to reach new people, see them baptized, and grow into discipled believers. During my time, I led a small group leaders development course, using universal strategies that can transcend cultural barriers and help these (many of them young) leaders become even more effective.
  5. Our evangelistic camp has been great this year...the team has developed another stellar program successfully finding ways to break down barriers to the Gospel. To date we have had over 50 camps...over 55,000 campers attended with over 26,000 making professions of faith to our Lord and Savior.
  6. Our family continues to do well. Everett (6) is about to graduate from Kindergarten. That boy reads everything he sees; billboards, store signs, books. Its really great watching him grow. Scott (8) is really excelling as well. He continues to do well academically and is a true competitor on the soccer field. Virginia (3) our blonde curly haired one continues to give us so much joy as she plays and roams the house.

We invite you over here! Come to Manila, come to Phnom Penh. We would love to have your entire Sunday school class, or group of friends, or small group come visit and see first-hand all that the Lord is doing here.