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Greg Lyons is the son of missionary parents. While in America with his parents as a young boy, his pastor brought a message about the reality of hell and the dangers of living a life without Jesus Christ. He accepted Christ as Savior before going to sleep that night. Greg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and a PhD in Communication and Leadership. He has been in ministry in the Philippines since 1985. Primarily church planting missionaries, Greg has founded the following ministries in Metro Manila:

Megacity Ministries Inc. (MMI) - Focuses on reaching inner city young people with moral values and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using Evangelistic Camps, this ministry has reached over 200,000 young people in Metro Manila over the past eight years. Additionally, MMI has helped establish similar ministries in Cambodia, Mexico City, Las Vegas, Pakistan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Botswana. Baptist Bible College Asia (BBCA) - An educational, leadership training ministry to equip and prepare the next wave of Asian leaders in ministry and society. With enrollment reaching 1,000 students annually, BBCA is emerging as a strategic training ministry to launch non-western missionaries in many closed countries.

Greg and LuAnn have six children. The Lyons three oldest children are married and are also serving on the mission field in Manila!


Together We Are Making A Difference!

Through your help and partnership with Global Surge, we have launched our 31st congregation! Pastor Rogelio Aguirre came to us a while back, wanting to make a bigger impact on the community where he lives. He had tried other methods and had reached some people, but he was not seeing the results that he wanted. We invited him to come and immerse in our work in Metro Manila for several months. He did this, learning alongside other of our church planting pastors. After finishing this training, he returned to his community. After incubating the congregation for nine months, Pastor Aguirre reached hundreds of new people with the Gospel...he began discipleship, and started 27 small groups throughout his community. Recently, Pastor Aguirre launched the new congregation. God also used the Cheney Baptist Church from the U.S. to partner with the new church...166 people were saved during the launch. The church is settling at around 150 per week. God is so good! We will soon launch a Baptist Bible College Asia campus in this area to help stimulate training and development!


We just returned from Bangkok, where we took a new missionary couple to see the areas that God is calling them to! What a thrill to see these neighborhoods through fresh eyes! This couple sold their business and are starting to raise support so that they can get started in the mass city of Bangkok. As we walked, we passed by multiple Buddhist temples, and no Christian churches whatsoever! The need is so great in this city where less than 1% are any type of Christian religion. Please pray with us as we ask God for more missionaries to start churches and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Baptist Bible College Asia

Just a few weeks ago, we were able to watch again as hundreds of graduates received their diplomas! It is wonderful to see the faces of these students, young and old, walk across that stage. They desire to use their lives to serve God and grow His kingdom. More than 700 were given diplomas and certificates during the ceremony.


Your partnership is impacting our world! Without you, much of this would have never happened! Thanks so much for partnering!