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 Bruce and Carol were married in 1975 while serving Christ together with Campus Crusade for Christ. They have two grown sons and two granddaughters. For 24 years, they served pastorates in churches in Oregon and Washington and ministered in Puerto Rico, Korea, inner city Chicago and NYC, Hong Kong, the Ukraine, and China on short-term trips. They now serve as the ACTION Pastoral Leadership Development International Coordinators, assisting ACTION missionaries worldwide in establishing national led Pastor Training Centers (ministries). Bruce has ministered to pastors in places of much spiritual darkness and oppression which include: India (persecution in Orissa), Uganda (refugee camps), and Myanmar (persecution). 85% of the pastors worldwide lack formal training and ministry books. Most have families, jobs that pay $40/month, and they serve more than one church. But Christ is doing a powerful work for His glory. Bruce and Carol help coordinate teams for pastors’ training and conferences, develop materials and books, and recruit missionaries to mentor pastors. On their visits, pastors beg for ongoing training, prayer, and mentors. Please pray that God will raise up people to stand together with our brothers serving Christ to help meet this urgent and critical need in very challenging places.


We thank God for YOU and your partnership with us in God’s work of training pastors worldwide! 85% of the pastors overseas have no formal training in doctrine or ministry. God is doing an incredible work by His grace and strength (in spite of our weaknesses) as we trust Him. To God Be the Glory!
2017 Highlights: This past year Bruce conducted pastor trainings in India, Myanmar, Peru and Ethiopia, coordinated 10 visiting teams, coached national leaders and missionaries and provided books, Bibles and other resources.
The following is from Bruce’s fall trip to Ethiopia.
A Pastor’s Testimony: After last year’s training, he went back to his village and saw 17 people come to the Lord. Muslims burned their house. He and his family fled for their lives. Christians from other towns gathered funds to rebuild the pastor’s house. They came and met the pastor where his house had been destroyed and about 100 people from the village came to see what was happening. The Christians began praying in front of the crowd for 15 minutes. Then the crowd asked them about their prayers. They told them they were praying God would have mercy on them and they would come to know Christ and receive God’s forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. The crowd became fearful and the pastor decided to befriend one of the leaders with God’s help. A short time later, 280 were baptized with 400 people now in the church. Pray for their ongoing Bible training mentor groups for multiplying disciples to Christ.
GOD’S BEST FOR OUR ACC FAMILY IN 2018! There are so many situations in our world out of control (hopefully it is not me too much of the time). But we know the one who is ultimately in control. Jesus promised the day when “the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory . . . will gather together His elect.” And “this good news of the kingdom shall be declared in the whole world…then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:30-31 & 14). We look forward to partnering with you in 2018 for developing nationally led and sustained pastor training centers for multiplying disciples, making known the gospel and building Christ’s eternal kingdom, here and worldwide, in anticipation of His return.