Josiah GlesenerGLESENER

Serving at UC San Diego

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Josiah loves the Alderwood family and has been attending with his family since middle school. While studying Economics and Theatre at UC San Diego, Josiah saw many college friends deserting their Christian faith due to secular professors and the difficult college lifestyle. When he found out that close to 70% of Christian college students leave the faith by the time they graduate, he felt called to be an ambassador for Christ on the college campus. After serving a few years a student leader at UC San Diego, he decided to join staff with Cru in San Diego (Campus Crusade for Christ). Already, Josiah has seen peers come to Christ and close friends in Cru going to Tokyo, Puerto Rico, Botswana, South Africa, and many more places for mission work. Through God's work with Cru, Josiah will be sharing the gospel to college students, discipling them in their faith, and equipping them to be lifelong laborers for the kingdom!