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Manny is the son of two missionaries to Spain, thus he spent the first 16 years of his life in Madrid. In 2000, Manny returned with his family to the U.S. to attend college, followed by four years of seminary. During the time in seminary, he met and married his wife Jamie. During seminary, they felt God
calling them back to Spain to work in the seminary in Madrid and pour their lives into the student leaders there. In 2008, Manny and Jamie finished seminary and began raising support. By God’s grace, just three months later, they were able to plan the move and depart in November 2008.


Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for a tremendous spring and a wonderful summer to come. So far it has been incredibly busy, but incredibly good.

Manny Jr. had the privilege of teaching Bible Study Methods in Madrid in April and then was able return to Madrid in May, with our senior pastor from Dallas, for the Seminary graduation. One added bonus was that on both trips to Spain, Manny Jr. was able to take those accompanying him to visit the Canary Islands where we are working to launch our next extension in Spain. God is working TREMENDOUSLY in the Canary Islands and we believe that it will be the starting point of a revival in Spain.

Manny Jr. and I (Jamie) just got back from a wedding in Colorado where Manny Jr. had the privilege of officiating. On June 23rd, Manny Jr. heads to preach at kids camp for our church for five days.

The big news for us is that on July 2nd, all of us, Manny Jr., Jamie, Ava (3), Asher (3) and baby Nora (5 months) will be heading to Spain for a month!! We are thrilled for the opportunity to take our family on mission! We will be spending the first week connecting with the missionaries in Madrid and helping the kids adapt to the time change. The second week, we will receive a team from California as well as a team from Madrid and we will be leading a trip to San Sebastian. Our team will be 50 people and we will be sharing the Gospel through the use of our country festival in the northern part of Spain. The third week of July we will head to the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain where we will be working with our former church planting partners, Danny and Carol. They are now pastoring a church in Tenerife and it has been going tremendously well, by God’s grace. We will be aiding their church in a week of evangelism and teaching. The last week of July we will spend with Danny and Carol and their kids simply taking time off together.

Please be in prayer for the little ones (and us) as we travel to Spain and throughout, and that many people will hear the Gospel and respond!! Thank you friends!!