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Manuel is a graduate of the four-year program at Dallas Theological Seminary and the D. Min. program at the same institution. Being gifted in evangelism and church planting, Manny & Glenda were led by the Lord to start a church-planting seminary. SEFOVAN Seminary became a reality in Madrid, Spain, in 1991. The seminary requires its students to plant a church as part of their graduation qualifications. The founding of the seminary encouraged them to form a worldwide organization, World Link Ministries. The seminary has expanded to several training centers in Spain, North Africa, Ukraine, and Cuba where there are now more than 2,000 churches. Because of Cuba’s success, the ministry has started another 160 churches in Ukraine, another 160 churches in Romania, and churches in Italy, Mexico, and Israel! Throughout their years of ministry, Glenda has served not only as wife and mother but as a very capable executive assistant to Manny. The headquarters have moved from Madrid, Spain to the USA, and they coordinate all the mission activity from Texas. There is an increased amount of travel because so many places are in need of such a seminary to train national leadership.


I bring you GREAT NEWS about the way God has used your faithfulness and your generosity to change the world!

Meet Naci…an Aramean man from Antioch, the city whose church launched Paul on his missionary journeys! He’s a graduate of one of our extension centers, with a wonderfully successful ministry pastoring in Madrid. You have been key in making his training possible. He was 18, living in his native city, when Muslims swarmed into the next town and killed 300 men, women, and children. There was panic in Naci’s hometown at the prospect of the Muslims attacking. Most of the population fled. Naci fled, but his rage went with him. Resettled in Germany, his consuming dream was to organize militias to slaughter Muslims and take back his country. Word of his violent plans reached the highest levels of the German government. Mr. Helmut Kohl, who was Chancellor of Germany at the time, summoned Naci to a personal interview in his office…and “invited” him to leave Germany!

When he heard of opportunities in Spain, he moved there. One day at Puerta del Sol, Naci was people-watching when a group of young people caught his attention. They were singing songs, so badly that he was inclined to approach them during a break to make some suggestions! He never got a chance. As soon as the young people stopped singing, a man stepped up onto a soap box, looked straight at Naci, and started preaching…pointing a finger directly at Naci and asking, “Soldier of men, do you want to be a soldier of Christ?” Naci was stunned! Everything he said was coming out of the chapters of his life. The Gospel was clearly explained. “When he gave the invitation in relationship to every item he touched in my life, it was irresistible,” Naci says with tears in his eyes, “I received Jesus as my Savior.”

The students were there because YOU sent them! The man who shared the Gospel began discipling Naci. Now, instead of recruiting militias, Naci began to lead people to Christ and started a church! Naci felt inadequate to preach and lead. He looked at our seminary. Work didn’t allow him to attend the daily program, he enrolled in our extension seminary. He has graduated and brought me a word for you. Three separate times he urged me to share his gratitude for the ministry of training and sending people into the harvest. This is a wonderful strategy, multiplying outreach to many people!

God used you to reach Naci, the “wandering Aramean”…you raised up the ministry that touched and transformed this “Antioch Christian”… God is multiplying your investment through Naci to this day!