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Serving in East Africa

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We are the Cross Family serving in Africa. Our favorite thing about life in this area of the world is relationships with our neighbors as we raise our family alongside them...we have had the opportunity to join marriage celebrations, birth dedications, and walk the hard road of grief and loss as well. Charcoal stoves and hand washed laundry aside, our life here looks similar to yours. We are living life with the locals and praying for opportunities as we drink coffee, or walk to market, or raise our kids together to speak truth and love to them. Please continue to partner with us in prayer that our language will grow with our relationships, that the folks we work alongside with will be open to learn about clean water and the way it benefits them health wise. Also pray that we will listen and learn as we work as to how we can best serve, communicate with and love our neighbors. Thanks Alderwood...we are so grateful to you! We are praying for you as well and thank God often for the privilege of serving with you!


Thank you for praying for our family as we serve in South Sudan and Kenya. As we write, we are heading toward you and are looking forward to connecting with you this fall. As we have been on home assignment we have had the chance to see an exciting work of God we wanted to share. In 2013, we were evacuated to Egypt from South Sudan when war broke out. While there studying Arabic, Jonathan began praying for a way to do what he loves, studying scripture with others. This proved a unique challenge in a Muslim context. Several days later a young man named Islam started asking questions about the Bible. They began studying scripture together weekly and a friendship was born. Their friendship has continued over the years, as has their study of scripture. Recently this young man decided he wanted to identify not as a follower of Mohammed, but of Christ, and asked Jonathan to baptize him. What an amazing thing to witness as this gentleman made a public proclamation for Christ. When God asked us to serve in Sudan, we had no idea the many places we would travel... even though we met Islam in Cairo, his mother is Sudanese. This small link to our calling reminds us that while evacuations and changed countries may seem like a surprise, they are never to the Lord, and He is faithful to use our obedience for His glory.

While travelling across country to you we stopped off in Dumus, TX where we were able to reunite with a south Sudanese lady Amie had been studying scripture with in Melut. We were able to pray with her in this transition as a refugee here in America, and as we departed we marveled at how relationships God had formed, He continues even across continents.

Rejoice with us for what God has done through your partnership in the life of this young man and how he has redeemed a civil war for His glory. We pray that through this gentleman’s life his entire family will come to know the one true God. We pray the same for you dear church family, that your faithfulness will yield fruit in your spheres of influence and that God will redeem your obedience for His glory.