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3.17.19 Sermon SERIES' 3.17.19 Sermon

Reconciled by Christ's Blood

12.16.18 Sermon SERIES' 12.16.18 Sermon

Celebrating life together as a church family.

8.26.18 Sermon SERIES' 8.26.18 Sermon

Held quarterly, our Life Together Sunday services include baptisms, communion,…

4.22.18 Sermon SERIES' 4.22.18 Sermon

Creatures of Habit

12.17.17 Sermon SERIES' 12.17.17 Sermon

December 17th Life Together Sunday

9.10.17 Sermon SERIES' 9.10.17 Sermon

Remember Jesus

6.11.17 Sermon SERIES' 6.11.17 Sermon

June 11th Life Together Sunday

12.11.16 Sermon SERIES' 12.11.16 Sermon

December 11th Life Together Sunday

9.11.16 Sermon SERIES' 9.11.16 Sermon

The Humiliation of Christ