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4.21.19 Easter Sunday Series 4.21.19 Easter Sunday

The Unexpected Transforming Power of the Resurrection

4.14.19 Palm Sunday Series 4.14.19 Palm Sunday

The Arrival of the Unexpected King

4.7.19 Sermon Series 4.7.19 Sermon

Don't Be Afraid, Only Believe

3.31.19 Sermon Series 3.31.19 Sermon

No One is Beyond the Compassion and Deliverance of Jesus


Easter Week 2019


UNEXPECTED: The Gospel of the Servant King

This series will walk through the Gospel of Mark, looking at Jesus as the Humble King, the Son of Man and the Son of God.

Christmas Eve 2018

The Thrill of Hope


The Importance of Following Jesus Closely


Experiencing God Through Life's Every Season

A Faith That Works

A study of the book of James

Easter 2018

Resurrection Sunday

A Legacy of Compassion

A four week series about giving.

God Came

The Doctrine of Christ

Christmas 2017

Peace on Earth

Follow Me

A Church of Everyday Followers


Confidence when Facing Hostility

God's Grand Story/Walk Thru the Bible

Walk Thru the New Testament

Easter 2017

The Power and Grace for a Second Chance


A Study Through the Book Of Colossians

A Church of Everyday Followers of Jesus

A look at Alderwood's Core Values


God Is

Guest Speakers

Visiting Pastors, Missionaries, and Speakers

Life Together Sundays

Quarterly Celebration Services