The City...Where Church and Life Connect

What is The City?
The City is an online network that is group-oriented and all about helping everyone to stay engaged regularly in life together as a church. It provides ongoing opportunities to build deeper community and empower ministry to happen.

What will you find in The City?
You will be able to set up and make changes to your profile, use it as an online church directory, communicate with your service ministry, see the latest Sunday bulletin...and much more.

The City helps our church stay connected, build deeper community, and empower ministry at every level. It's an online network that's group-oriented and all about helping everyone in our church to stay engaged in church in daily life.
It's 24/7 ministry. Total community. Building disciples every step of the way.

Who can join The City?
All Alderwood attendees, ages 13 and up, are encouraged to join The City.

How do I join The City?
You can sign up for The City at the Welcome Center on any Sunday morning.

What is the Plaza?
The Plaza is like our front porch, a welcoming place for visitors where they can learn a bit more about us, but not have access to specific information. The Plaza is a great tool for you to share our church and the gospel with your friends and neighbors. You do not need to be a City User to access our Plaza.