Electronic Giving

What is the E-giving Giving program?
It is an electronic tithing or offering program for our church members, attendees, and friends who are given the opportunity to sign up to have their tithe or offering conveniently transferred from their checking or savings account into the church's bank account every month.

Why checking/savings account transfers?
We believe that the Lord blesses those who give with a cheerful heart. We also believe that giving is an important part of a Christian's life. Today, people are willing to have money transferred from their bank accounts to pay insurance premiums, utility bills, mortgages, fitness memberships, and more. The reason is convenience and the certainty that a payment won't be skipped. For the same reasons, the E-giving Giving program benefits those who want to sow money into their church faithfully and consistently.




What are my options for giving?

  • Choose one time or recurring contribution.
  • Choose a designation for gifts: General Fund, Missions Fund, Benevolent Fund, or Legacy of Compassion Fund.

Will it cost me anything?
No. The church will cover the small monthly service and transaction fees.

Is my information secure and private?
Yes. All industry standards apply to the security and privacy of your account information.

Will I still receive an annual contribution record that includes monies given through electronic giving?
Yes. Our financial administrative assistant will continue to receive your contribution information and apply it to your statement. You will continue to have the same envelope number that you have already been assigned. If you do not currently have a number assigned, you may still make a donation on the website without a number.

Can I make changes to my e-giving?
Yes. Click on the GIVE tile to cancel or make changes to your current giving.

What are the benefits?
Members, attendees, and friends, who work on weekends, go away on vacation, are out of town on Sundays, or are no longer able to attend church due to health reasons, can stay financially connected to the church. Members, attendees, and friends won't omit giving by mistake.

Please call the church office (425.774.7766, ext. 102) or send an email to Bonnie Oliver at Bonnie.Oliver@amcc.org if you have any additional questions.