Men's Small Groups

If you decided you wanted to take it up a notch spiritually this year, what action-step would you take? Personal growth doesn't just happen--something needs to be done. Here's a concrete suggestion--sign up for a Men's Small Group! This is one of the most powerful life-change actions a guy can take.
We offer Men’s Book Studies, Men’s Life Groups, and seasonal Wednesday night studies.

BOOK STUDIES: Contact Chad Hoffman for current offerings. We’ve offered Point Man, Tender Warrior, Finishing Strong, The Warrior Soul, Finally Free, and many more. Groups meet weekly for an hour for 3-4 months. Fall 2019 ACTS Bible Study begins September 18th. Click HERE to get signed up.

LIFE GROUPS: There are presently several Men's Life Groups available. These groups are about 5-10 guys in size and feature on-going fellowship/Bible study meetings. The studies follow discussion guides written by our staff to dovetail with the Sunday sermons. Groups will run three quarters a year with summers off. No one will be "shackled" to a group, but our hope is that groups will "grow old together" and will cultivate strong durable friendships and mutual support in our spiritual journeys and times of crisis. Click on the Life Groups tile to learn more!