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We'll get back to you soon with what is available. You can also sign up on Sundays at the table in the West Hallway. 





Following Jesus is not a solo journey but involves relationships with other people. In our fast-paced society of mobile technology, these kinds of friendships are hard to find. Even in a church, a person can feel alone and disconnected. 


By joining a Life Group you will be able to

build strong relationships that will help you follow Jesus.


What happens in a Life Group?

  • Study the Bible – Each week a list of questions accompany Sunday’s message to help you process and apply the Bible. 
  • Prayer for one another – You may not be comfortable praying out loud and that’s OK. You won’t be made to.
  • Service Projects – Many groups take on a one time service project during the year.
  • Sharing a meal together is often part of a Life Group!


When do Life Groups meet? 

Life Groups meet 2 to 4 times a month.


Where do groups meet? 

Groups meet in homes, in restaurants, and some meet at the church. We encourage Life Groups who can to meet in homes where the atmosphere is more comfortable and outside the walls of the church. 


How long will I be in the group? 

As long as you want! Groups run on a quarterly schedule. This provides natural “on-ramp” when new members can join and “off” ramps when members need to step away from the group for a time.  


If you're interested in joining a Life Group and have questions, send us an email!


Life Groups Schedule


Fall Quarter
September 15th – November 17th
Sign ups begin on August 25th


Winter Quarter
January 12th – March 15th
Sign ups begin on December 29th