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LifePath Courses are designed to give people the tools they need to navigate life’s most perplexing challenges. Challenges like money management, parenting, marriage, following Jesus, controlling your temper, overcoming addictions, comprehending essential Bible doctrines, grappling with human origins, facing opposition to your faith, and influencing your relational world for Jesus.
There are scores of subjects that we could tackle, but we have narrowed it down to the top ten biggest issues of our lives.
Classes run from 6-10 weeks. Sometimes we’ll surprise you with guest outside experts. Classes will be led by a teaching team who know what they’re talking about and possess strong presentation skills. Some courses will feature top-quality video material. All classes will include in-class participation.


September 29 thru November 24

Sign ups begin September 8th

  • Love & Respect
    Sundays at 10:00am
    Many say the secret to a great marriage is communication. But what if that isn’t necessarily true? The secret to a great marriage, says Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, pastor, author, and host of the Love & Respect video series, is meeting your spouse’s deepest need. For most wives, her deepest need is to be unconditionally loved – but for most husbands, his deepest need is to be unconditionally respected. It’s a critical “pink and blue” difference! So what happens when a wife senses a lack of love from her husband, or a husband feels disrespected by his wife? Each reacts in negative ways and the Crazy Cycle begins to spin. The Love & Respect Course is a ground-breaking class combining highly entertaining videos of Emerson Eggerichs with lively group discussion. Together we’ll learn how to get off the Crazy Cycle and how to stay on the Energizing Cycle, building up our spouse and making our marriages healthier and more vibrant, just as God intended for them to be. Whether you’ve been married a few months or 50 years, you’ll benefit from Love & Respect. Great for engaged couples and singles, too.
    No cost for this class.

  • Ephesians – The Glory of God’s Grace
    Sundays at 10:00am
    Every day we need the good news of God’s grace. If you feel worn out, discouraged, lonely, afraid or confused, then you will find grace-filled encouragement from this short New Testament letter. In it you will discover who you are in Christ and how to live out that reality in your most important relationships. This class will begin on October 13th.
    Taught by Ken Draper
    No cost for this class.

  • MoneyTalk
    Sundays at 11:30am
    Succeeding at Finances with God’s Strategies
    In this class, you will learn to develop unity with your finances, in your household, and with God over the next 9 weeks. Learn common sense ways to handle your money. You will gain skills in developing a spending plan.  We will work on setting up emergency savings to plan for the future and what you need to have prepared for retirement.
    No cost for this class.



January 26 thru March 15

Sign ups begin January 5th